Peterson Vineyard, Lodi, CA

Cabernet Savignon 68%


One of Lodi’s best Cabernet Sauvignon Sources      Brad Peterson shows off his earthworms



Peterson Vineyard in the Fall                   Brad Peterson “Playing with Dirt”



A rich, round, dark base wine with fine tannins, Peterson is also 91% of our WineSmith Cab.


Tulucay Creek Vineyard Napa, CA

Cabernet Sauvignon 4%


Tulucay Creek Vineyard Living Soil            Tulucay Vineyard “Birds Eye View”


Our massive $100 Crucible Cab contributes immense structure even in tiny quantities.


Mangels Vineyard Suisun Valley, CA

Cabernet Sauvignon 2%


Mangels Vineyard in 1937


Gives seductive aromas of red currants and chocolate fudge and more of those elegant, feminine tannins.


Kautz Vineyard Lodi, CA

Cabernet Franc 11%


Kautz Farms Vineyard Manager, Tim Chappell          Kautz Vineyard is Ironstone      


This Vineyard gives profound basil, elderberry and tobacco nuances as well as an energetic mouth-feel.


Passalaqua Vineyard Alexander Valley, CA

Merlot 15%



This dense, supple Merlot has rich, round body and deep black cherry and Darjeeling tea aromas.